Volume IX, Issue 7, Page 124

Of the Track

Pictorial History of Drag Racing

Lou Hart has been cataloging the pictorial history of drag racing for the Iconografix publications for several years now and I’ve read and enjoyed them all. His latest efforts are Drag Racing Gassers and a companion piece Drag Racing Altereds. I read and enjoyed both of them and the photography reproduction in both black and white and color in both issues are excellent and on heavy stock paper  but  I do have one complaint which applies to both.

In the case of the Gasser book, the same cars or car owners showed up multiple times and they seemed to be predominantly West Coast cars. Gasser greats such as New Yorker Jim Oddy or the infamous Texas racer Carroll Caudle didn’t get a picture. I had the same complaint about the Fuel Altered book too many West Coast cars. Never the less I highly recommend buying these books for any aficionado of either class. The photography in the Fuel Altered book is especially zoot.  

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