Two steps forward

Camaros in Pro Stock, cooool! Cadillacs and Hondas, Toyotas, even cooooooler!  NHRA still needs fixing. GET OFF OF ESPN2!

Jeff Kammes
DeKalb, Illinois

Their racetracks, their rules

Please tell me, Mr. Burk, that you'll be doing a piece on TJ regarding the shafting he got from the FIA. I don't know why everyone isn't as ticked off as I am, have I missed some info on the case?

Darrell Allison


Are the US Post Office and the NHRA run by the same people?

Rich Roberts
Atwater, California

A new job?

Given his desire to see doorslammer features be successful nationwide, would it be good timing to ask Carl Weisinger to serve as Commissioner of Street Racing?

Philip Bradford
Tacoma, Washington

Here’s the question

How can a guy who has never run at an NHRA event find himself at the biggest race of the year competing in Pro Mod?

I thought drivers needed a NHRA license to compete. Or had to compete in a previous race or earn grading points.

How did Eric Dillard do it?

Rick Denman
Batavia, Ohio

Here’s the answer

Burk, who is Dillard? Are you joking? Owner of Pro-Line Race Engines (just about all of the turbo motors in drag racing today) and a very good driver at any level. Your 66 years are taking you too far away from the core of drag racing. Drag racing does burn other fuel besides nitro, old man.

Lou Denny
New Jersey