Still needs tweaking?

This new site sucks. If viewed on an iPad, it's miniature. What happened to the other site? If you don't fix it I won't be coming back. Too bad, as I've been a daily loyal reader from the start.

Cory Savage
Temecula, California

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Another happy camper

Like the new format. Thanks. Keep up the great work. I'm READY for Gateway to reopen.

George Culp
Collinsville, Illinois

Cool beans

Love the new format of the 1320 Notes! No more "add only" pages, Very cool!

Barry Kuhlmann
St. Charles, Missouri

Too tough to scroll?

Great to be back to your site. Got tired of scrolling down an advertising page to get to the next page. This is a great improvement.

Tex Cooper

Time for a new computer?

It takes too long to load pages. You had a good format before, why change? We are drag racers; we like things FAST.

John Hums