Why not an Australian rent-a-ride?

So Cory (McClenathan) came on down. Got to race the full 1320, won a gold Christmas Tree (better than a "Wally" any day!), why wouldn't he be happy!

I certainly hope this is the catalyst for more US drivers (and even teams) to hop on a boat and get themselves down here!

There are plenty of smart businessmen in the US, so I can't understand why they haven't thought of shipping a couple of chassis, a few engines and spares down here to form a team that US drivers can lease for a meeting on a fly-in/fly-out arrangement.

I mean, think about it - most of the vehicles that are down here are ex-US anyway. Not just in Top Fuel, but also Pro Stock, Top Fuel Bike, Pro Stock Bike... the list goes on.

Considering in Top Fuel we have eight car fields and quite often they're under subscribed, why wouldn't you enter when you don't have worry about a bump spot?

As drivers you're all screaming for 1320 racing... it's not that far out of your reach.

Adam Foreman
Brisbane, Australia

Cuda, woulda, shoulda

Having just read about the recreation of the Don Cooke Damn Yankee ‘Cuda, I can only hope that the repop has the same ultra low stance of the original.  If it looks like the current crop of stubby nose ‘Cudas that have the wrong wheel wells, sit too high in the rear, and have drop sides, it will continue a trend of ignoring the beauty of the real original car(s). 

Peter Kumble

Making Northwest fans choose earth, sea, or air

Jeff & crew, thanks for the 2012 NHRA schedule. I see for the second year in a row, the NHRA Northwest Nationals in Seattle will be held on the same weekend as SeaFair with its Unlimited Hydroplane races and the Navy Blue Angel air show. Not a smart move NHRA! You have enough trouble attracting fans without this competition.

Steve Pitt
Seattle, Washington

You can call us anytime

Thank you so much for the mobile version. It looks great on my iPhone. Great app.

Ron Sharp
Georgetown, Kentucky