Another reason not to drink and drive

Guys, I used to be one of those people that thought NHRA was gold. Ran to Memphis every time it came to town. But after a bad deal with a drunk, I decided I could enjoy it better at home in my recliner with air rather than cooking in aluminum stands. Now we’re stuck with IHRA’s junk.

Cloyce Kemp
Sardis, Mississippi

The race may be over before the green light comes on

If I remember correctly, it seems to me that the Pro Stockers have had trouble with the track at Seattle. Maybe some of the Pro Stock folks just didn't want race on a "one lane" track.

Beriah Schmidt
Fresno, California

Shirley has the dream, she just may need a plan

Noticed a little paragraph with a pic of the great Shirley Muldowney standing behind a Drag Pak Dodge. The para said she was going to renew her license? For what? And funding, hasn’t she gone on record as saying she was looking for funding a year or so ago? And hired Angelle Sampey as a driver? What’s up? Need more info, please.

Rick Johnson

The Byron race report from Chicago Jon… and a little more

Well, we all know that there are three things in life you can always expect to happen, those being a) death, b) taxes, and c) Chicago Jon raving about the most recent show at Byron Dragway, and the Second Annual Summer Thunder was no exception. 

Now, the crowd might have been a tad down this year, but one can hang that on a down economy. (Jeez, it’s as if the guy calling the shots in Washington has no political experience whatsoever, and only got the job by being a trendy flavor-of-the-moment... oh, yeah, right.) And, when you looked at the TV that evening, the emptiness of the Seattle grandstands was vast and notable, so kudos to the Byron faithful who, in this "change is all we have left" era who came out, braved the heat and stood their ground during a brief rain-delay, and an even BIGGER round of applause to the Byron management and workers who put forth a clean, well run environment, reasonably priced refreshments, all making for an enjoyable day of family fun.  And, let’s not forget the RACERS, all of which put forth their best efforts towards a quality race.

 Well done, one and all. Looking forward to the 3rd Summer Thunder next year.

Chicago Jon T. Hoffman
Woodstock, Illinois