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The people united can never be defeated

This pretty much sums up the NHRA situation, i.e. overcharging fans for tickets, overcharging racers to race, overcharging track owners to participate. I have said it before: the only way you will ever get the NHRA attention is a total boycott of a National event.

Recreate the scenario of the 1972 National Challenge. It is amazing how well the NHRA treated the racers with huge purse payouts in 1973. They got their lesson at the ‘72 race. Most of the readers have no idea about that event. It can be reprinted, and open some eyes. Jim Tice and Big Daddy got their point across to Wally and the racers made a lot of money at Tulsa instead of Indy, plus the fans got a six-day race for one low cost (in those days). I am sorry Wally, you had to read this again but you had it coming. Better call Compton and tell him to look over his shoulder!

Don Spencer
Houston, Texas

Born too late?

Brian, you have it dialed in when it comes to your views on Nostalgia Racing. I am glad you took this column over and that you speak your mind.

As a racer who has driven NTF and NFC and currently run in Nostalgia AFD, you are on it. The NTF class has been dying from the inside for years and then with new rule changes there are probably more cars parked then actually running and that is SAD, this was supposed to be an alternative to "Big Show" all the dough racing and now it may as well be NHRA light.

In reference to New Blood, YES why is it about the biggest wallet or a driver chasing a sponsor to get a ride, whatever happened to the truly talented drivers being sought after? James Day and Mike Halstead (among others) are very close friends and we half heartedly laugh that we were all born too late and what it could have been like in the late ‘60s early ‘70s. We could have had a lot of fun. (Maybe we are arrogant enough to think we have that kind of talent?) I believe Day, Halstead, Sorokin, Bellemeur, Kaiser, and many others are as good or, in several cases, much better than many "Big Show Stars" but without a lot of $$$ or the right opportunity most will never know what someone like you, who knows drag racing sees.

Thank you for what you do and what you say about this corner of the racing world and PLEASE keep it up!!!

PS Love the "Big Johnson" statement cause of how true it is...

Jerry Kumre Jr
713 A/FD, NTF, NFC