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Hey, big brother Burkster

I just read the article about Mike Lenhardt's altered ‘68 Chevy that his big brother gave to him. The next time you drive the Skylark, think about this. Back in our youth you wrecked at least two of my cars. So do the right thing and give your younger brother the Buick.

Do the right thing.

Your brother, Dick
Richard Burk
Lake Vallecito, Colorado

It’s just too bland

Just my opinion on racing as a whole. I watch Indy 500, NASCAR, and NHRA, and all three of them have empty seats. Why? As most of you know, but maybe not ready to admit it or think about it. The word CHARACTER has left all forms of racing. There are no AJ Foyts or Al Unsers in Indy, no Fire Ball Roberts in NASCAR when stock cars used to be stock cars and not the cookie cutter cars they have today.

The end of the muscle car and gas crunch really hurt drag racing. People need to identify with something. Bracket cars that take off hard and then slow down serves to kill public interest, people scream about 1000' and want 1320' back. Does anyone listen or do anything about it? You cannot not give your customer what they want and survive. 

Even a name like Garlits hurt something that he helped to build. The introduction of the rear engine dragster, slipper clutches, all the overkill safety rules that are designed to focus only on going faster and give the paying spectator in the stands nothing is all part of it. I remember going to Indy and Cordova in the ‘60s and those cars gave me way more to talk about at 240 mph than the cars today that go 312 mph. In golf, a no-name can now drive a ball 300 yards. Why? Just because we have the technology to do it does not make it right or good for all. That is one reason that baseball in the big leagues has kept the "wooden bat". Aluminum bats serve to kill the game as it was meant to be played. 

We need to have a set of rules in golf, baseball, drag racing, circle track racing, etc. You then have to stay in the rules and give the sport back to the human, not technology. Compression is easy to police and will control the Top Fuel cars. And what about funny cars; they may be the most ugly and impossible to relate to cars in the world of racing. The focus on speed and more speed had killed something us old guys lived for.

Why does the cacklefest get so many excited and bring tears to their eyes? I believe we need to take the focus off of ourselves as racers and go back to the "Big Show" when it was fun.

I think you get the idea of what I'm trying to convey here. Thanks for this site to share my thoughts.

Mike Coker
Westfield, Indiana