Thanks from a vet to NHRA

I'm a Vietnam vet & devout race fan & participant. I just want to thank the NHRA for their very patriotic gesture of free entry for vets, also thank all the people that thanked me for my service. More people came up to me yesterday than total since I served. They also let my ten-year-old grandson in free. Great weather, two free tickets, what more could you ask for? We had an absolute ball. My grandson got rattled to his toes. He is now a true drag racing gear head. Can't wait till we put another car on the track. I just wanted to say THANKS once again for the most perfect day of spectating & racing I've had in many a year. Oh, the smell of nitro & toe rattling! See ya all in the pits.

Roger Rochon
Castaic, California

How about a new class?

In reference to Pro Stock comments of late, I posted the idea of factory participation in a true Pro Stock class for the new muscle cars coming out of Detroit about a year ago. It would bring back the original dealer-against-dealer sponsorship and manufacturer against manufacturer.

This would surely fill the pockets of NHRA, as well as the seats at the tracks. It would also allow for good old match racing for the local tracks.

Now what do we do with the existing Pro Stock cars is we create a new class and call it "Pro Doorslammer" and allow the use of fuel injection and alcohol.

Keith Schultz
Gold Canyon

Another idea

Build up Divisional races?

Add four-car qualified fields in Nostalgia Top Fuel and Nostalgia Funny Car and give it more than a "one shot" try.

Bob Bradley

Sport Compact engine info

Loved the coverage of the Orlando Sport Compact Challenge. One note for your info: in the sport compact world there is debate if a rotary engine should be classified as triple cubic inches because of the design of the engine and the way the rotor works, so your 100 cubic inch engine could be classified as 300 cubic inches. Still pretty awesome.

Roger Nelson
Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Anybody notice this?

At Phoenix the DSR cars had to remove the piece over the drivers head. At Vegas I saw the piece back in place. So far I have not heard or seen an NHRA explanation or any comment.

J. D. Bohlman
Barnesville, Minnesota