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Always thinking of themselves

Is this a bad dream or what?  Instead of looking within to trim the fat, they, the (NHRA) powers, chose to pry out MORE money from their sponsors. Let me see, can you say mass exodus?

Come on NHRA, is your pay more important than the well being of your business? In the times we’re going through, WE the public are trying to make wiser choices with what we have (stretching a dollar).

In all fairness, I love this sport, I participate when I can, but what you’re going to do will have a ripple effect and not in a good way. So I guess when the parts or items we purchase from YOUR sponsors that used to be discounted will now go to places only the truly well off can afford....

Harry T. Garland III
Philadelphia/Germantown, Pennsylvania

The view is different from the top

Darr & Jeff: Very good article about the new NHRA "banner" policy. Just because the NHRA board has bottomless pockets certainly doesn't mean that the sponsors and racers have as well. They just don't get it. That's what happens you get paid 1/2 million dollars a year: you lose connection with the real world. 

Jim Kaekel, Jr.
Watervlliet, Michigan

Back to the future?

Well, here we go again! I hate saying "told you so", but it appears that a couple of the major players in drag racing are "toning down" their participation, dollar-wise. I realize this is a whole lot different than the Evan Knoll situation, but the end result for racing will still be the same. Too many T/F and F/Cs sponsored by individuals. Too much money to successfully run in Top Money classes. You can't blame Lucas. They're just not getting much of a return on their investments.

And don't even get me started on the Al-Anabi deal. They've won, they're bored, what else in the world is left to conquer? I predict that Schumacher Racing will be the next to cut back on the number of Top Everything cars they back.

The HHR series is looking more and more like a viable alternative to the mega buck operations of today's NHRA drag racing. Maybe the "N' in NHRA is destined to stand for "Nostalgia". 

Jim Millard
Toronto, Canada