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Drag Racing, the next generation

Concerning your comment about Monster Jam being actual races, it’s interesting to note that Feld Entertainment owns about half the trucks in competition. My experience is Grave Digger or Maximum Destruction win every event. The average age of their fan is about 10. It’s more like going to a Harlem Globetrotters basketball game than an actual competition.
I just wonder home long until Feld talks drag racers into selling their operations. They aren’t taking Grave Digger to the drags to impress racers, but to get more 10 year olds to go to the drags.

Charles Jeffery
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Given that the stands at most drag races are getting pretty gray, isn’t it good for the sport to attract more young children? Remember, every drag racing fan was 10 once.

First-hand Tice experience

(Burk wrote) “Just Wondering… why the Feld Nitro Jam series doesn’t try doing what AHRA pres Jim Tice did. To insure that he had ‘name’ racers that would sell tickets for his national events, he would “book-in” the stars of the sport. But the race remained an open qualifying event. The booked-in cars had to qualify and go rounds to make the guaranteed money. In my opinion, Feld Nitro Jam races would get a lot more of that all-important free media coverage if they tried that method.”

Not quite the way it was. The "stars" were guaranteed money even if they did not qualify. This led to some questionable runs that got the stars in the show.

I got a first round guarantee at most of the AHRA races I went to. When I bumped Prudhomme out at Spokane and he was unable to get back in, he was still required to make a pass on Sunday for the crowd.

I will be at four of the Nitro Jam races this year with the Nasty Benjamin AA/FA.

David Benjamin
Arlington, Washington