Chris Martin #7

WOW... That was a pretty touching letter to Chris Martin today. You must have really thought an awful lot of him. I wish I could have met him. Sounds like one of my kind of people.

Tex Cooper

Chris Martin #8

Sounds like Mr. Martin is my kind of guy. I’m reading your story thinking this guy has had a wonderful life as most could only dream of. Dragstrips, NHRA battles, dive bars, a bunch of drag racing history in his mind and heart! I’m jealous and will try to do more of the things I love in his spirit.

Rick Rzepka
Clinton Township, Michigan

Chris Martin #9

Dear Jeff, by now you're probably growing weary of what has probably turned into an endless cavalcade of mails about your friend and ours, Chris Martin. Everyone in this crazy business has a Chris Martin story, he has touched so many lives through the years. With me, it was when I was struggling to launch my own deal. He was still at National Wally, and I remember that I was dancing on the ceiling for a week that I got to talk to CHRIS(!), and that, man of his word, he did indeed put my stuff in 'Bits from the Pits' (at this point a lotta folks would say, "he won't remember it" but the thing with Chris, is that he probably WOULD).

In a recent letter to Pat Dakin, I said that you know you’re old if you still call it 'Indy', or make references to the 'Hurst Bridge', but I guess aging also gets ample doses of when you start losing the icons that played huge roles in your life. I'm still not over the death of Ronnie James Dio, and I don't like (and this is putting it mildly) that I now open your mag with a sense of dread, wondering if this is the day....

....did you ever see that movie S.O.B.? When the event that none of us wants to happen does, you all should intervene, as it were, and plop a silly Viking hat on Chris & take him out for one last road trip. I've heard that where Lions was is still just an empty lot. Sounds like a good as destination as any....

God, this just sucks, that’s putting it mildly.

“Chicago” Jon T. Hoffman

Chris Martin #10

Uncle Jeffy, thanks for being such a good friend to Chrissie. That boy always talked highly of you (and I don't mean while loaded). You are his best friend and I don’t say that to get sloppy on ya. The next day after you guys left, I said, “You have some good friends Bubba,” and he said, “You know it, none better.”

It is going to suck big time losing that meathead brother of mine, but it will be easier knowing he was happy with his end, you know, going through the lights on fire, no chute, yelling, “Where's the brakes?” Anyway, I will let you know when he finishes the race.

Thanks again for your TRUE friendship to him and the family....

Ernie Martin
Burbank, California