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Giving him an ‘A’

Jeff, nice "Blast" I read this morning. Yes, the sport needs to be played within its boundaries. We're there.


Troy Moe
Chief Executive Officer
American Hot Rod Association LLC
Spokane Valley, Washington

So it doesn’t matter who wins?

Just wondering when the Burkster is going to realize that all forma of racing, NHRA, NASCAR, Indy Car, boats, are not a race but just entertainment. Could it be that a 4-Wide race could easily be made into a one hour TV show? Could it be that Broadway Bob should start a school to teach promoters how to promote?

Dave Dewars

Bring in some new blood

Mr. Burk, in regards to your latest Blast, I would prefer the 1/4 mile... at the speed and e.t. you mentioned. I think what is missing is the top end charge where the race is decided after the 1000 foot mark. Not very interesting when one driver leaves on the other, but is passed at the 60-foot mark.

We need something to change. Every race cannot be won by one of three teams if there is any hope of fuel racing to survive. There must be some chance for people like Pat Dakin, or the Bill Miller car, or others like them to make it past the first round.

I also think it will take a combo of things to slow these cars down. I think it is time to take some of the automation out of the deal, and put it back in the driver and tuner’s hands. More seat of the pants calls.

Maybe is time to set a limit on the number pistons and heads and other hard parts that can be used per event. I know this will not sit well the people that sell these things, but if they have their way, it will soon be three teams fielding all of the Top Fuel and funny cars.

Robert Brown
Punta Gorda, Florida

A tuning report

Hey Jeff, we ran mid-high .60s at 300-305 at IHRA tracks with a 66-gallon Settles pump on Clay Millican's car at 25 over Miller blower. Of course the BME was the best supercharger at the time. I would rather watch and work on 3.80 in 1000 ft, than .70-.80s in 1/4 mile.

Getting fed up; damn, might as well get rid of the blowers on TF & Nitro FCs.

Nitro Dave Miller