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Four-wide Fiasco

BURK IS 100% ON TRACK... It is all about Compton's vision of the business of drag racing. I think the only end to this fiasco will be a catastrophic failure in the traps at 300 mph that takes out all four cars. Maybe then the NHRA will realize that racer safety is the main reason for its longevity, not corporate profits.

Robert M. Denny
Marshall, Illinois

The better to see you with…

Great just great, we finally buy the big screen TV with HD & then "whomever is in charge" goes 4-Wide on us, so here I am back to squinting at the TV to see what going on! If this "novelty" (Thanks Tim W.) doesn't go away, then maybe Tylenol will sponsor it as the "Migraine Nationals".


Chris Greig
Lake Stevens, Washington

More ideas for Bruton

IDEAS for the future: Let's try it eight wide. It will move the show right along. Or how about four wide with two going one way and the other two going the other way. Just think, what a show stopper. And if this gets slow and the clowns in the ESPN booth run out of things to say, please!

We always could run them in an X, two going up and two going down and we can make it a clamor class. HONEST.

Fast Eddie Bergstrom
Woodburn, Oregon

Jumping through hoops?

For all the hoopla of the "Entertainment for the simple minded" in NC. There were a LOT of empty seats all through the program. I only watched the whole thing because it was my weekend to "Stay on the couch with the remote" weekend.

I kept looking for Barnum and Bailey to drop in and chat with Paul and Mike, and hopefully a short appearance by the Ringling brothers, to no avail.

Keith Lewis
Carlsbad, New Mexico