Unforeseen consequences

So I was in attendance at Pomona on Thursday, and I noticed that the new Robo-shut-off device for TF and FC had an unintended effect: If your run was aborted early, and you coasted (or idled) through the lights at, let's say 80-90 mph, you could hear the bang as the shut-off killed the fuel and ignition, the chutes (literally) plopped onto the ground (not really doing anything) and you coast to a stop... hundreds of feet short of the turn-off. So, here come the ATVs to tow you off... another big delay while the track is cleared. Surely there must be a way to toggle this thing on or off depending on the run?

In this reporter’s opinion, it resulted in unnecessary delays!

R.E. Vest
Covina, California

It's who you know

After watching Rick Stewart being totally ignored by the Force camp after CLEARLY being instructed that the cars be shut off, it makes me wonder... what power does he really have? Or does it really matter WHO you are when receiving instructions from the starter? I am not anti-Force, but if it was a no-name team, I'm SURE there would have been a different outcome. If Rick Stewart doesn't have what it takes to make sure his starting line orders are followed, he should be replaced by someone who does.

Mark Trembley
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Where have you been, Keith?

I have been a reader of DRO for a long time.

I must say with NHRA drag racing just around the corner, I'm very disappointed with you. With all the issues on the economy, and the new Pro Mod class, you have not had any recent info on the teams that will be racing the new Pro Mod class. No photos, no names, just not any information at all! What's up? I think it was a great move to include the Pro Mods as a pro class. They are due their coverage.


Keith Schultz
Apache Junction

We’ve been covering Pro Mods for years, so we’re a bit confused as to what you want. We run photos of new cars as we get them. If new teams want publicity, they need to let us know or wait until we have a photographer at an event. We can’t be everywhere.

Follow the leader

I see the higher ups at NASCAR has finally listen to the FANS and are making some changes for the better! Will the "follow the leader" leaders at NHRA have the BALLS to do the same, or will they continue to disappoint the fans as they always seem to do? Get with the program NHRA! Americans know what they want! Do it or lose it!

Joe Tao
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hall of infamy?

I am the only one that thinks it is a little odd that Darrell Alderman is going into the HOF? Isn't it pretty much common knowledge that all his success came while the team was cheating? Everyone knows the "Dodge Boys" were dirty. Kind of like baseball at this point to put him in.  You will need an asterisk by his name in my book.

Rob Keelan
Milwaukee, Wisconsin