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Rejuvenated by March Meet

I spent half my morning getting all the reservations booked for my three-day weekend trip to Bakersfield in March. I can hardly wait! I have not been this excited to attend a drag race in so many years that I can remember!

I will tell you... I spent about $500 for airfare, four nights stay at (I think) a decent hotel, rental car, and a $75 admission ticket for three days to see what I now understand to be 40 nitro floppers, a car show, and swap meet; and I already know hundreds of great hot rods and dragsters from all over the country!

This whole nostalgia concept has brought a new spark of interest back to this life long race fan. I hope to see you there!

Randy Oliver
Redmond, Washington

Nothing ‘nostalgic’ about the cost

Thinking about team costs.

Do you know how much it costs (ballpark figure) to field a AAFC/AATF at, say, Famoso? Just the cost of getting the car to the track, fees, fuel, food, lodging, and tires (un-paid crew). And say two qualifying passes and three rounds of racing (no major damage).

Last year I saw a whole bunch of "brand new" funny cars at Famoso with transporters, decked out crews, the whole deal. I have an idea of how much all that costs and it's a bunch. The economy might be bad but there seems to be a lot of folks that have enough money to field a "Top Notch" AAFC. This year there are even more new cars coming.

Now if we could get the track management (FAMOSO) to upgrade the stands and maybe even sell some reserved seats so you don't have to fight to watch the fuel racing (I would gladly pay $50.00/day) it would make things even better. I think this best thing that has happened to drag racing for a long, long time and this deal is just going to get bigger and bigger. I really hope that the "atmosphere" of the races stays the same though because right now it is really "FUN" to go. Everyone in the pits are friendly and approachable, the food is pretty good, enough restrooms (we call 'em "BLUE" rooms). You can park for free (come real early) and the track staff are very helpful. And the crowd is very "COLORFUL".

I am looking forward to attending the March Meet once again (started going in the early ‘70s). Maybe I like 'em 'cause I am just getting old, but a five-second 250-MPH pass is really hauling ass. Just ask one of the drivers.

And best of all these cars are louder than the originals (more HP, more noise).

Hope to see you all there. We will all have a "BLAST".

Bry Schmidt
Fresno, California