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Prefers the older cars

Jeff, (I) like the death penalty for oil downs. Don’t like the auto shut down/parachute device because it is not needed in nostalgia cars; maybe the NHRA is worried that races are going to take more money away from the Big Show. I know I would rather go to a nostalgia race. It’s cheaper and more fun.

Jeff Kammes
DeKalb, Illinois

Homogenized for whose protection?

Burk: I disagree with your assessment of the oil down rule; NHRA continues to try to take drag racing to the mainstream public and DAMMIT, drag racing has not and never will be mainstream.

 I have been racing for 40+ years now and every time I mention to someone that I am a drag racer there is a little bit of "oh, you're one of those people." You can see it in their eyes!

NHRA needs to let drag racing be drag racing, and if that means we run the finals at 2:00 am in the morning, then so be it. The real spectators will be there, the rest of them can go home.

Charles Rutherford
Montpelier, Virginia

Who would be the Official Kitty Litter Supplier to the NHRA?

Oil downs? You're gonna have that when you run a drag car, fuel or otherwise. I think it has more to do with track prep. Sure, the fuel cars (and everyone else racing) deserve a clean racing surface. Maybe NHRA needs to develop a better method of cleaning the track.

How about kitty litter? Vacuum it off, hit it with some detergent and water, then dry it with a vacuum or hot air? After that, hit it with the rubber dragging machine, then VHT it and you should be good to go. Might take a little while, but surely not four hours...

Pro Mod? Outlaw style. Run what you brung, and hope you brung enough. Wanna run nitro? Pour it in and rock on. The chassis is the limiting factor already. AA/FC? Ditto, but only one pump and limit the injector. Anything else goes.

Just my opinion.

Jim Seigo
Bristol, Tennessee