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Yes, real Americans do race Imports

Dear Jeff, thank you for finally giving Import racing a chance instead of just passing it off as "a failed attempt at making Import racing appeal to the mainstream."

Although we don't have a major national series to follow, we still have some very compelling and exciting events in New Jersey, Maryland, and Florida.

I hope your trip to OSW showed you that, just because we use Import engines in our cars, it doesn't mean that we're all walking around with our pants hanging off our behinds, wearing gang colors, or draped with dozens of tattoos. We have quite a few race teams who carry themselves in a very professional manner. Unfortunately, most of the time, the spotlight is on the idiots who are doing it the WRONG way.

Hats off to you for giving a "different" type of drag racing a chance to impress you, and offering up the respect that these hard working teams deserve.

Shawn Brown
Boost Boyz Racing
Yes, we race Imports!
Aberdeen, Maryland

Going all out in Puerto Rico

Jeff, I don't know where the outlaw imports came from at Orlando. When cars start coming from Puerto Rico, look out. Those guys are the best Import racers you will find. They build cars that are just fantastic. And theirs is a NO LIFT racing culture.

Norman Hechtkoff

Guess it could be the Illinois Hot Rod Reunion

What a great race CHRR was. Why not have something like it at Route 66 Dragway in Joliet, IL? I see where it could be a winner.

Jim Sheehan
Naperville, Illinois