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The power certainly has been unleashed

“NHRA Unleashed”, man do we disagree on this news. Combine the power of NHRA and Pullin & Schaeffer, this will become instant success.  A TV package for these racers, this is going to be huge. We all agree that it's time for change with the success of "Pinks All Out,"  NHRA Unleashed will be the hottest ticket in drag racing.

Roger Gustin
Etna, Ohio

If they follow the rules

"Burk's Blast - "What up and down for the 2010 seasons" (says) NHRA will seriously consider allowing or even mandating fuel injection and flat hoods for Pro Stock in 2010 for the 2011 season.

That is a WONDERFUL thought, but only if NHRA, or whoever, makes the racers actually adhere to the showroom stock body dimensions. Would also be nice if that "body rule" applied to Funny Cars.

Robert Wold
Oxford, Florida

Sad news and good memories

We knew it would happen someday, but what a sad day for drag racing with the "Snake" announcing his retirement.

And the Hartley's having to sell their stuff. Not good.

Are we going to have short fields in top fuel this year?

On a happier note, thanks for the picture of the old Fontana Drag Raceway. It brought back a lot of memories.

My buddy Dave took me there for my first drag race in 1965. I also ran my first race, and won my first trophy there, which I still have,(and my wife doesn't understand why I've kept it).

I also took my first wife there on our first date, but that's a story for another time.

Bill Potter
Moreno Valley, California