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Plenty of under-funded teams to provide good racing 

Mr. Burk, I agree with Dom Lagana. The IHRA cars put on a good show. 4.70s at 300 mph on a 1/4 mile is a much better race than 3s at 1000 feet. Whatever the formula is that lets the IHRA guys run these ETs and speed should be brought over to the NHRA. Whatever it is: budget, track prep, rules... this is good racing. The 1000-foot race is over before it gets started good. I know all the money people are against this. I think a select few people have a plan for the future of NHRA fuel racing, and it will not include the independent. I think the Top Fuel cars on the lower end of the NHRA food chain should go IHRA. Then maybe they can have a sixteen car show, and the NHRA can do the eight car deal, with their properly uniformed and sponsored teams.

In closing, I have more respect for Mr. Lagana and the ones like him that still attempt to race a fuel car than I do the cooperate (sic) cars. And in the end, if all the independents would stay home, the NHRA cannot run a six-car Top Fuel show. I doubt this will ever happen, but a sixteen-car field of the people like the Laganas, Steve Chrisman, Mitch King’s cars.... I could go on, but the idea is clear: there are a lot of decent underfunded teams and they could put on a great show, but when they are out spent five to one before they unload, not much chance. If fuel racing has a future, then these people are it and I do not believe it will be with the NHRA

Mr. Burk, your promotion of the ADRL and their Pro Mods is just a bit over the top. Enjoy it while you can. If and when Don Schumacher, and a few like him, get involved, it will soon be unaffordable for the men who created it to race in, already it is a rich man’s sport. They will just move it to the next level. It will go the same route as the NHRA: it will become profit motivated. I do not believe the people involved will be able to resist the temptation, and once again the fans and grassroots racers will be the big losers. It happens all the time: pigs get fat... and hogs get slaughtered.

Robert Brown
Punta Gorda, Florida

Embrace it

Traction control, electronic fuel injection, antilock brakes should be allowed. Some of the best racing I have seen lately is AMA and MotoGP motorcycle. It is amazing watching traction control on a motorcycle coming out of a corner with the front wheel in the air: the traction control kicks in and the wheelie slowly comes down and the cycle comes away from the corner in the lead. As Jeff Burk said, we should be trying to go faster, safer, embrace technology. Anti-lock brakes on Scott Kalitta’s car that activate automatically may have saved a life.

I remember when they said delay boxes were expensive and were going to ruin racing. Well, the largest car counts at divisional and national events are cars that have delay boxes.

Embrace technology and innovation.

Roger Niemczyk
Langhorne, Pennsylvania