Is there anybody else besides Force?

For those of you who complain about the ESPN coverage being the John Force show. Maybe you should consider the fact that there are no other big names left in the sport. They all areretired. Force is it. Nobody knows who any of the other drivers are.

John Force and maybe one or two other drivers like Antron Brown spark any excitement when they get out of their race cars. That’s why they get most of the TV time. Ashley gets the TV time because she is a Force but the kids love her. My niece who before the Winternationals only saw Ashley on TV, but she is the world’s biggest Ashley Force fan. She has now met Ashley twice.

Take John and Ashley off the ESPN coverage and watch the ratings drop to nothing. Here’s a better idea for all you complainers: take Force and his whole team away from the series. Watch how many of us fans don’t come to the events. Oh yeah, and don’t forget your sixteen car funny car field just dropped to twelve. See if you like watching twelve funny cars.

Jeff Burghardt
Oakdale, California

There’s no business like show business

When I was a young man, the drag strip was the "place to be" on weekends... the sport captivated an entire generation. Over the last half century however, drag racing has failed to realize that its "participant-driven" format severely limits attendance, sponsorship and revenue growth at every level. At its core, drag racing is both electrifying and compelling. There is no doubt that the sport holds the potential to attract and captivate a large audience, but unless the sport introduces a "show business" component, those objectives will never become a reality. 

Michael Van Natten
Largo, Florida

ADRL event was really entertaining

Kudos to Kenny Nowling for this weekend’s ADRL race at Gateway. I've been going to drag races since the fifties, and this one was one of the best. The stands were absolutely packed, and the announcer, Brian Olsen, knew how to get the fans into the race. He reminded me of one of the best announcers we ever encountered when we were match racing, Bob Fink. He would gather enough information on the racers to let the fans know they were real people. He is an entirely different league than Paul Page.

It's a shame that the NHRA is incapable of learning from Kenny. He's going to kick their asses before it's over. 

What a tremendous show!

Again Kudos to the whole ADRL gang!

John Martin
Nixa, Missouri