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Gee, now you’re making him blush

Jeff, I used to have your attitude about American working families having a stake in our future as a nation. The past two years, I realized that, united, we can have a voice.

You are not editorializing in a void. Your independent views on, in particular, sustainability are a primary reason many of us read this cybermag regularly. I won't fault you a bit for doing just race reports like everyone else. You could, however, continue a legacy which many of our sport’s hallowed journalist legends clamored to be a part of: Kepner, Coonce, Martin and Wallace weren't so bored as to write for an editor without principle. Write your soul. Write your beliefs. The usual knee-jerks will just confirm that, when faced with their best interests, "Racers are stupid." Garlits said that.

You can rise above stupidity and gain our respect for your ongoing sense of honor.

Philip Bradford
Northleft Coast

Blah etc.

Well, I guess I'm one of those that you can't fix, stupid that is. In a past letter you published I took issue with one of your would-be safety requirements that would increase the complexity and drive up the cost of sportsman racing. I suggested they make the device, educate the masses, but let the individual make his own decision.... Blah, blah, blah.

While your cause is well intentioned, it is like most others. One group of people trying to tell another what's best for them. Yes, you can't legislate but mankind will always try.

Example: Our society condones drinking and driving! If we didn't, why do bars and taverns have parking lots? Yet the do-gooders at M.A.D.D. and the local police will campaign against the hapless individual with little or no effect at solving the root of the problem. Blah, blah, blah.

Kerry Blueher
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

From zero to speed and back to zero

In regards to safety and cost cutting, the dummies should go back to racing the 1/4 mile. Take all limits off, go as fast as they can, but the winner is the guy who can stop first, not first to the finish line.

Bob Kowal
Detroit, MIchigan