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Pink it up!

I know a lot of people do not like the TV show Pinks. Think it’s kind of hokey. I for one love it. Grassroots racing at its best. Maybe the NHRA should have watched the show on Thursday night. It was really cool to see four cars running at the same time. I know the NHRA would never allow four cars to go at the same time, but they should seriously consider using all four lanes the next time they are there. Pinks proved you can successfully switch lanes in case one goes down.

Also maybe ESPN should take a note too. Pinks had a camera above the track zipping along at about 100 mph taking some great shots. Something needs to be done to liven up the broadcasts. I for one don't even record them anymore. Please, ESPN and NHRA, bring back Marty Reid.

Dave Grasenick
Gurnee, Illinois

1 on 4

Burk, ya got it right that Pinks is not the first four across drag races. Rockford Dragway (now called Byron Dragway) was originally run four abreast. There is photographic evidence of four fuelers at once, which are probably the pix you were referring to. And I have also seen four doorslammers in a pic from that era, too.

However, a careful listen to the promo says Pinks has the first "televised" (blah, blah, blah) four lane race. Whether that is true or not I will leave up to those who may or may not know the answer.

Dale Tuley
Hartford City, Indiana

I was referring to the NMCA/NMRA event running four-wide at zMAX not Pinks.  – Jeff Burk

2 on 4

Four fuel cars running abreast? I have seen a pic like that too. One was at Raisen City dragstrip near Fresno, CA. I have also seen a pic of four floppers running together. I believe the Chi-Town Hustler was one of those cars, but I can't remember where.

Mark Elms
Everton, Missouri

3 on 4

I raced my ‘39 Chevy pickup at Kingdon Drag strip in Lodi, California, in 1958: four gas class cars side by side. One of the cars was Tom Grove’s Plymouth coupe with a Chevy V8. He won. Fresno, California; ran the four Top Fuelers you mentioned in the mid to late 1960s.

Denny Forsberg
San Lorenzo, California