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Nothing to crow about

Wow Burkster, what a pic of Light, looks just like chicken manure to me. Surely that white stuff below his nose isn't ice cream from Norwalk, no.... It is chicken manure.

Why don't the idiots just make a rule that low buckers are not allowed, regardless of the fact that they may well be better than the big dollar teams? Here is another scenario, one I know all too well. Limited budget team shows up to make two qualifying passes. Makes one pass and breaks parts. Now according to NHRA (I am assuming the idiot still speaks for the village) screw you and your problems. Forget the fact we only have fifteen cars. Go home low bucker, so our high dollar butt kissers can have singles. Wow, this should be the last straw for a lot of those folks.

But it all brings me back to that snow white mustache and a joke I have heard in the past and it applies directly to the idiot of VPs. What are all those specks in that chicken manure? They’re chicken manure too.

Excellent coverage from Cordova, not as good as being there, but close.

Mark Elms
Everton, Missouri

Seeing the Light?

After reading the story from Graham Light, today I feel certain that if the gut wrenching 1,000-foot racing doesn't put the death nail in the coffin for the NHRA then he will. They need to hear the popping sound (pulling their heads out of their butts sound) and get a grip on reality. I live where I can go to Dallas but am I going to pay for a short race? That is a serious NO.

I would rather see the Pro Mods run than a funny or fuel car run 1,000 feet. Bring on the TADs and TAFCs and park everything else. If they are so bent on slowing them down, then that is the times they will be at. So bring on the full 1320 races or close the doors. I have had it with Graham Light and the rest of the NHRA bunch.

Thanks for your good work and keep it up.

Terry Wylder
Duncan, Oklahoma

A new Match Game?

....pay for a minimum number of passes? NHRA, you finally made Wally roll over in his grave. What you are proposing is a multi-day show split between a Sunday open meet.... proceeded with, de facto, m-a-t-c-h r-a-c-i-n-g....

Philip Bradford