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Let the racers speak

Jeff, while I largely agree with the gist of the ADRL/Motor Mile article, one question I have is this: Where is the driver's responsibility? Nobody is forcing them to race.... Want a message sent? Get all, or even a majority, of the drivers to say, "We ain't goin'!" That alone would do more than any lawyer, lawsuit or magazine article could....

Charlie Nichols
Imperial, Clifornia

Aw, shucks #1

Dear DRO, I must compliment Mark Rebilas for his unique vivid storytelling photography in your NHRA coverage of Topeka. Damn, that guy is good! The way you guys (Ms. Burk) show off the dazzling pictures and team words could be the best re-cap of a completed TV show that way over-covers our squandered sport.

NHRA fiddles while DRO shows them how.

Keep up the good work. Between Ron Lewis and Mark Rebilas nobody does it better.

I personally love the way that nostalgia racing has evolved and DRO was there from the beginning, I doubt NHRA can screw it up like they did with Sport Compact, but they will try.

Rod Addison
(older than I look)
Irvine, California

Aw, shucks #2

Burk and crew, Great job on the race coverage for the DRO race. I especially loved the background photo on the first page of the article showing the two nostalgia AA/FCs at night. You could even tell what kind of cars they were supposed to be!

Thanks, and keep up the great work.

John Murnan II
Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Seeing the light?

Was it my imagination or did I see NHRA starter Rick Stewart smoking on the starting line at Topeka during the ESPN coverage? If so, this is not just a bad example, it's just plain stupid.

I would ramble on, but I've got to get back to working on my boat. It's kind of dark in the engine compartment. I think I'll light a match so I can see better.

Steve Schraml
Baltimore, Maryland