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Just a nibble

I like the AA/FC & AA/FD, too! I'd like them better if they were at venues around me. That said, the ones lucky enough to be doing this should bite the bullet and be glad that there are still people out there willing to take the risk on them. They should be careful not to bite the hand(s) feeding them...

Jack W. Smith
Chesapeake, Virginia

Way up on the tire

(letter is unedited)

Jeff why don’t you just shut the fuck up!!!

You don’t know shit, and you compare the big show to the Nostalgia AA/FC AA/FD...

The whole friggin’ reason the Nostalgia movement is happening is because of all the drivers and car owners that are tired of all the NHRA BULLSHIT, and the monopoly in sponsors, fuel, tires, rules, favoritism, and media BULLSHIT.

And so now it’s (Nostalgia) really happening and once again NHRA has got to get their greedy-ass fingers into the pot and start to spoil the whole thing all over AGAIN.

Nobody wants to make a living by running these Nostalgia races, and nobody is twisting any promoters arm either, BUT get real.  REALITY: THESE CARS ARE THE SHOW.

There will always be risk factors regardless if you are a promoter, driver, car owner, or even a spectator, but we all show up, DON’T WE... So Jeffy, you don’t have a freaking clue what show you want to slam in this thread, you are caught up in trying to make a media hype directed at more so at some corporate bigwigs of today’s NHRA, rather than the little guys that are trying to remember what fun there was back in the day running a nitro car, but without today’s big show headaches and costs, and without today’s NHRA’s fingers in the show payout, or the purse contributions from a sponsor or from the front, the back, the side, or whatever door you want to call it.

The Nostalgia AA/FC and AA/FD are worth the price of admission, and by asking for relief money to help offset the costs to run one these cars or even with travel expense, is not asking for too much. Because we all know there is no money to be made in drag racing, unless you are the NHRA, a non profit organization, or did they finally switch?

AA/FC, AA/FD... Pay them what they are worth.

Eight car field with a payout of $16,000 What an INSULT.

Eight car field with a payout of $12,000, YOU’RE JOKING, RIGHT? YOU SHOULD BE SLAPPED.

Jeff, you should either stick to doorslammers, or professional lawnmower racing, leave your backfiring, poke and jab comments out, about the Nostalgia movement.

Vic "Vics Vega" Miller
White Salmon, Washington