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Manipulating the system?

Given the rancor between NHRA and Don Schumacher, I find it comical that no one sees the relationship between Tony's last three championships and the creative way that NHRA has more or less handed it to him with the creative little plans they hatch. The first was the oil leak when they ignored Rick Stewart’s (another joke) order to shut the engine off and ran anyway. Back in the days of the "not for buffoonery NHRA," Buster Couch would have thrown everything he had at his disposal in the lane to prevent the run. They ran anyway, getting points for the round, which at the last run of the season, lo and behold, a national record, for the win over Doug Kalitta using the points off that "shutdown" run to push him over the top.

The next season it was the Goose Chase to the Championship that proved fruitful also for a second trophy. Then the "No Testing, suddenly counting records, awarding performance points for rounds" to drag Tony back up to the top. He would NOT have won this year had NHRA not meddled with the points and records as it earlier had adamantly refused to do. Just Wondering!

Keith Lewis
Carlsbad, New Mexico


Regarding the NHRA's ownership rule change (four teams max to three)....

Sounds like Lori Force may become car owner for Ashley and Robert next season. Or maybe Tony Schumacher becomes an owner/driver, with Cory Mac as his teammate, while The Don has Brown, plus his new TF team and the Funny Cars.

Come on, there are a thousand loopholes to the ownership limit rules, and I'm sure people of Force's and Schumacher's caliber can and will figure out a way to maintain their status....

Charlie Nichols