Still crazy after all these years

Morning: just want to say that "if" (and it's going to be a big if), they get to build that drag strip in Santa Maria, it's going to be really fast. They are only about 100 feet off the deck and the air comes right of the Pacific Ocean. And you can run there just about any time of the year. I used to go to the old strip when I was a kid and it was some of the best racing I have ever been to. Shitloads of crazy people, it was right up my alley.

Take it easy.

Bry Schmidt,
Fresno, California

It’s the economy stupid

Tickets too high, six-dollar dogs and burgers, three- to four-dollar water … families can't afford that, especially now in this economy.

Jack Harris
Parkersburg, West Virginia

Can’t wait!

When will the Pro Mod 2010 schedule be announced?

David Fabi
Yonkers, New York

David, the ADRL schedule has already been announced. You can find it here.There are several other Pro Mod series that are still talking with tracks for 2010 dates. The entire IHRA program seems to be undergoing considerable change and we’re not sure if Pro Mods will be a part of the 2010 schedule. If you are referring to the NHRA exhibition series, our guess is whenever Roger Burgess decides to pony up the sponsorship money again.

Warm up your MP3 player

Hey guys, the heavy metal band Megadeth has a new album out called Endgame. On it is a song called 1320, an ode to drag racing. They even got Full Throttle in there. Also has some great top fuel or funny car runs at the beginning and end of the song. Sounds great with a big surround sound system. Seems to me I remember seeing lead singer Dave Mustaine at one of the NHRA events this year. Not sure which one though.


Bob Hansen
Roanoke, Texas