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Too much money

Your recent report that states the IHRA Top Fuel cars are cheaper to run begs the question, why not go with the IHRA formula? The shows were just as good as far as I could tell. The big difference that I could see was the racetrack itself. What I did see in the IHRA was more side-by-side runs where more than one person stood a chance to win.

If I were the underfunded NHRA teams I would look at running somewhere with people in my expense zone. Let the NHRA put on six-car shows in each class with their remaining mega dollars teams, and some of them will go away after this season, if not sooner. The NHRA is now too expensive for fan and racers alike.

Robert Brown
Punta Gorda, Florida

Leading IHRA to where?

Somehow lost in all the IHRA bunk is the fact that they have turned their backs on the backbone of IHRA, which is Alcohol Funny Cars. Skooter and Aaron have pissed off so many Pro Mod racers I doubt the class will survive even with free entry fees. Pro Stock in ADRL competing head to head with IHRA at five races doesn't look to good for them either.

Sadly, I see nothing but doom and gloom over there with the present pair in charge. I have had no use for either of them since their classless attack of Bill Bader at the IHRA banquet a couple years back. They couldn't plan or organize a piss up if you gave them the food, beer and the hall.

Happy New Year.

Dennis Smith


Boston's Fish House in Winter Park? Or Boston Lobster Feast on International Drive...

Bob Cole
Longwood, Florida

Can’t we just let the politics go now that the election is over?

Burkster: as usual I loved your column this month. One minor correction: the real robber barons were the vastly overpaid holders of Democratic political sinecures (otherwise known as "senior managers") of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who triggered the entire housing mess by buying $1 trillion of bad loans and resisting valuing them accurately as long as possible. They did this at the behest of their enablers in Congress, notably Democrats Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, who were concerned about making everyone who can fog a mirror (as opposed to paying their bills on time) a homeowner. They pocketed hundreds of millions in bonuses while doing it.

Wall Street will do what they're paid to do, but they can't rob if they have nobody to sell the loot to. Let's be a little less partisan and more fair about our troubles.

John Rollins