Volume X, Issue 9, Page 118

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Show me the money

Burkster, great column as usual, but I was surprised you didn't mention more about the DSR/AJ deal. I say, "He who lives by the sword must die by the sword"!  Don Schumuncher was "Out-monied".  Long live the almighty dollar!

We owe McEwen, Bernstein, and Schmuncher for taking a grass roots sport, where innovation and ingenuity was king (ala Garlits), and turning it into a corporate sport where the amount of money you can muster up determines how fast you can go. I preferred it the old way - people couldn't buy their way to fame and glory.

I wonder what the rest of the readers think on this issue?

John Martin
Nixa, Missouri

Let’s find out what the rest of our readers think!

What about the other teams?

Hey DRO, thanks for keeping us informed! My question/statement is that as I look over things in the nitro class, mulling over the departure of Alan Johnson from the Army team, the announcement of a big time money guy looking to invest, now consider if you will this guy can out gun ANY of the big money teams.

So how loyal can we expect any other tuners or drivers to be? Where might Alan Johnson’s new team get top notch talent without causing HAVOC in other teams?

Ultimately, I think AJ will not have time to tune anything effectively. The silly season in the NHRA is going to be VERY interesting!

Rick Johnson

Dream team?

Ford Pro Stock dream team? Start with Bob and Bill Glidden; Ford; Jerry Haas; Roush; and Al-Anabi. How about that? Just my $0.02 worth.

Gary Brooks
Eagle Rock, Virginia

What! You want the Army to lose?

I'll throw my 2 cents in concerning Alan Johnson leaving the ARMY car - I love it! I'm tired of seeing the ARMY team win every race. In fact, over the last couple months I was starting to feel the way some other people feel, that my tax dollars should not be used to dominate the competition. Drag racing needs new sponsorship, and I welcome money from anywhere in the world if it is going to be spent on nitro cars. And don't panic about the price of racing going up, it's high anyway. Hell, get all those sheiks to sponsor a car - the more the merrier. 

Ron Tursovsky
Reading, Pennsylvania

Regional thinking

O.K. Burkster. Maybe you should welcome the world to professional NHRA drag racing. Not me. "Points chase", 1000-foot racing, and now a multi-billionaire Gutter (sic) Prince. More politically correct media appeasement crap than I prefer to deal with. Next year I'm going back to drag racing's roots at the NHRA Div 4 Regionals. Pros won't miss me. I'll enjoy it more.

AC Hauswald
Houston, Texas, USA

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