Volume X, Issue 7, Page 125

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I was at the IHRA race in Edmonton, and myself and the group of fans in my party were all disappointed by the Pro Stock boycott. Personally, I felt that the Pro Stock teams used the western Canadian race and fans as pawns in their politics.

Over the course of the weekend, both the IHRA website and the local media spoke about record attendance for this event. If they had those numbers before the first car went down the track on Friday, like myself, most of those tickets were purchased well in advance of the event, and certainly well before anyone heard about a Pro Stock boycott. Did the lack (only one car, as you know) of Pro Stock cars have any affect on walk up sales? Good question!

Would myself or my group not purchase event tickets if we had known in advance that the Pro Stockers were not going to show? Good question, but probably not! Do I sympathize with the Pro Stock cause? Yes. Another, and perhaps better question, would I purchase tickets if I knew in advance that nitro cars were not going to show up (either NHRA or IHRA)? I would certainly have to give it some thought, as then it would just be a divisional race, but probably not!

I am a drag race fan. I am in the stands on Thursday watching Stock, Super Stock and Competition eliminator and enjoying the show. I often wonder why the stands empty as soon as the nitro cars run. These people must just be casual fans and I am sure they would stay home if the nitro cars were not present.

Would a boycott work in the NHRA? If it were attempted, it would have to be ALL pro classes, especially the fuel cars, or the same effect as

Edmonton would result. If NHRA pro stock or pro stock bike were to boycott by themselves, not a ripple!

Keep up the good work.

Robert Pike
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Bob Bertsch and his Rislone car will be in the memories of Edmonton drag fans for a long time. Although it would have been great to see the side by side racing of the Mountain Motor Pro Stock cars, ultimately they were not missed.

Although the rain did fall all weekend it did not stop good crowds from gathering on Friday and Sunday and a huge crowd Saturday. But you’re right it is hard to determine any effect the boycott may have had, I suggest none. For local fans it is a category we just don’t see up here. We get it at the Nationals and that’s it. Taking Pro Mod out of the event would have had more serious ramifications on a satisfaction standpoint, and attendance. 

I am glad you mentioned the Nitro Bikes in Edmonton -- 217 mph on two wheels can’t be beat. There was a field of 12 Nostalgia funny cars as well.

Personally I hope they are back next year and I hope the other teams do not mind when Bertsch gets all the attention and adoration from the fans.

Garth Allen
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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