Volume X, Issue 5, Page 146

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This is in reference to the Jim Christian letter. I agree with most of his statements except one, the foam blocks had nothing to do with the John Force wreck last year. You could clearly see in the video that the block went completely behind John’s car and touched nothing. When the chutes were pulled the car just came apart, period.

Also I would like to say that in the letter from Dave Wallace where he stated that any track with a tunnel has problems with bumps, that is not correct. I have attended every race since Bristol was redone and there is no bump there, so much for that theory.

Randy Vowels


The Quickest TF Hydro pass was by Dwayne Patton back in like '01??? He ran a 4.55 at Red Bluff, Ca.

Joe Sherwood
Albuquerque, New Mexico


In a recent Agent 1320, you said that the 4.78 ran by Lou Osman's hydro, driven by John Haas, was thought to be the quickest run on the liquid quarter mile. The IHBA record for Top Fuel Hydro is a 4.70, which was also done by John Haas, and at the 2006 SDBA Bricktown Nationals, Doug Verstuft ran a 4.68 to set the record in that association.

Ryan Casillas
Gilbert, Arizona


Your article on the nitro was right on. I've been working with homeland security on registration and rules for the nostalgia funny car association. They really could care less about nitro for drag racing. They're not waiving any rules for us, just explaining how to comply without going to extremes and wasting their time.

Jim Broome
Tucson, Arizona


Jeff, did you have a chance to take in a visit to Old Dominion Dragstrip, in Mannsas, Va. while you were Editor of Super Stock? Well, Gary and Dickie Gore are back and are planning a 55-year Reunion August 17th of this year.

Old Dominion Dragstrip was built in 1953 by their father Al Gore and is the oldest weekly operating drag strip in the U.S. Thanks.

Jack Redd
Camp Springs, Maryland

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