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Here we go again

Let's start a campaign to replace Paul Page with anybody! It would also be nice if NHRA could get ESPN2 to not preempt every broadcast because a girls’ softball game runs over 40 minutes. Most of the qualifying broadcasts are now so short, and broadcast so late, you have to record them to watch later; neither Tivo, Dish or Direct TV can get the delay in time to move the recording!

I would rather see NHRA on Speedvision, where it would be a feature, than ESPN, where we are the red headed stepchild!

Gary Grabow
Channahon, Illinois

Some answers to Burk’s wonderings

1. You are right-on about having a "tighter" TV package. I'm a huge fan, but I find myself almost dreading having to sit through hours of programming just to watch the actual eliminations. THEN, they rush through Pro Stock so they have time for the other junk!!

2. It DOES make a difference that a bracket track is 1320 feet and not shorter. That's why I race a 7-second, 190-mph dragster in Top Dragster and Fast 16 instead of a 20-second station wagon. It's THE NEED FOR SPEED and the split-second decisions at the finish line that makes all the time and money worthwhile. If the only factor was the competition, and not the desire to compete at faster and faster speeds, we could stay home and race practice trees.

3. Bracket racing is great for the competitor but probably never will be a fan favorite. The handicap start may never be entirely understood (or appreciated at least) by the casual fan. Add throttle stops to this in the Super classes and it is an extremely intricate and challenging sport for those competing, but unfortunately not much of this thrill transfers to the fan like the 8,000 hp of a fuel car.

Bill Costain
T/D 5753
Colorado Springs, Colorado

The real answer

"Just Wondering: What would it take to make bracket racing a fan sport?"

You asked, I'll say it: Pari-mutuel betting, and beer.

Dave Cook

Is our wedding invitation in the mail?

On the NHRA layoffs, I think it's just a way to get rid of under performing and/or folks who just don't fit in the team. It takes the pressure off the boss who can use the economy as his reason. Yet another lame excuse from the unqualified leaders of the NHRA.

Just Wondering Jeff: have you made arraignments for inside photos of Ashley's wedding? A full photo essay on the Queen of Hearts big day would be perfect during the slow month of December.

Rich Venza
Suwanee, Georgia