Volume X, Issue 11, Page 109

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Stealing Burk’s schtick

Jeff, I enjoy your columns very much. I go way back to Oswego Dragway when I made my first run in 1963. I have lots of Just Wondering type questions. Drag racing has survived many ups and downs. One thing that remains is that the NHRA has always been cheap with the racers. Lucky for them it's so addictive.

JW- What will happen in an Obama presidency when Gore (or someone worse) is the head of the EPA? One fuel car burn out and they will shut it down.

JW- Green house gas/carbon emission? Motorsports is in trouble.

JW- Why haven't the major motorsports pubs been more vocal in using their circulation to promote the conservative agenda? They should have taken sides. SEMA doesn't have enough lawyers to fight what’s coming.

Sorry to be so gloomy but I think we're screwed.

By the way, I stood for 3 hours at the fence at Indy in 1963 to see Bobby Vodnik beat Big Daddy. There was no time limit on the turnaround in those days, you basically waited ‘til both guys were ready.

Ernie Kaye
Atlanta, Georgia


Alright Burk. I finally went to an NHRA event again. The Vegas race was my first drag race of any kind in over a year. First 1000' experience live, and I gotta say, I was thoroughly and completely underwhelmed. Sorry, but 1000' fuel cars hold the same appeal as watching goats in a field. Just when the cars are getting up to speed, Boom! they stop.

As to the reduction in engine damage, Lee Beard/Antron Brown oiled the track twice for a total of about 2 hours delay in one day, plus at least a couple others for extended periods.

I certainly understand the kneejerk emotional reactions about the deaths and injuries, and I certainly consider them to be sad and unfortunate, there were underlying circumstances in all of them, which the shorter track wouldn't necessarily have prevented. I'll agreee that soft walls, remote shutoffs and even performance rules should be looked at and possibly implemented, but when you've seen a car go 4.40 @ 335mph in a 1/4 mile, anything less is remarkably... well, less!

Charlie Nichols
Imperial, California

Too parochial a view? Or, we are the world

Here we go again. Pro Mod World challenge or should that read the World championship of America. It will come as shock to a lot of people in the States but drag racing does exist outside your borders. The only true World Championship could be if other countries were to compete on even footing. I see two choices: it becomes an American title only or you open the racing to overseas competitors.

John Geltink
Wellington, New South Wales, Australia

Sounds great to us, but who’s going to foot the bill for shipping the cars, gear, crew, etc. overseas?

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