Volume X, Issue 10, Page 136

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‘If I were IHRA president’

Jeff, you are just full of good news today. If the things you are talking about are true, I just don't care anymore.

One thousand feet? I hate as much as anyone to lose drivers, but insurance companies do not care if you are racing 10 feet or 2 miles, as long as they are making money. When I was actively driving/riding, I had to sign a waiver. Just like sky diving, you sign a waiver that states you or your heirs cannot sue the company. Does this not matter?  We have had a bad year, but I don't think it has anything to do with the quarter-mile distance.

Then, Jeff, you made me sick. I was sitting here sucking down Vienna sausages and cold beer and you state the IHRA has totally lost all their marbles they had left, and pissed on the Nitro Funny Cars again. I love working for them because I love drag racing, but to cancel the nitro floppers is ludicrous, someone was snortin' pure coke. I just wonder if Mr. Feld has even realized the profitability of the flopper or if this was a knee jerk response to make things "look" better. Perhaps a national organization showcasing the nostalgia stuff IS indeed the best idea.

I really believe, however, that AA/FDs need to have more tire, and limit any more advances in E.T.s to zero. I remember when Prudhomme and Wiebe both ran 6.17. Snake in the rear-engined car and Wiebe in the front-motor car. They don't need to go any quicker and faster than that.

I truly hope that Mr. Feld takes charge. The IHRA can be so much more with the right TLC. It can be a money maker and the stands could be filled once again, but to get rid of floppers again, is just the beginning of the end.

Heck, I managed offices and people for over 20 years in the Air Force; this wouldn't be hard.

Mark "Hog Wild" Elms
Everton, Missouri

Except for the tackling

The IHRA is just like the Dallas Cowboys. They want to lose on purpose. How can you give up on the Funny Cars?!! Let’s face it, the IHRA is primarily a southern association with forays north, and the South loves door cars. Yeah, they don't exactly have doors, but at least the stickers tell you whether it’s a Chevy, Mopar, Mustang or Toyota.

I always make the Amalie race in San Antonio to support my local track, and when the Funny Cars, Pro Mods, Pro Stockers, and Super Stockers are here, it’s a damn good show.

We will have to wait and see what comes next year.

Fernando Narvaez
San Antonio, Texas

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