Volume X, Issue 1, Page 80

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I been checking the mail and seems like the past few weeks has been the same letters you published 3 weeks ago.  What's up with that?

Don Vanhook
Nashville, Tennessee

Even the merry maniacs here at DRO need some time off for Christmas! However, fear not, for your soul’s deepest desire has been granted, as we now return to our regularly scheduled letters column! Happy New Year


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Thanks for the grins and entertainment this past year. I'm retired now so I check in everyday and look forward to the news and editorials. You have the best (by far) internet magazine and the best (by way far) photography. Keep it up and see you next year.

Bruce Prater
Sandpoint, Idaho



I boycott watching NHRA on TV just because it is flat boring. Cookie cutter cars that hardly ever make a side by side run is boring. Having big money drive the sport is boring. That stupid chase or countdown is a pitiful attempt to try NASCAR's (also bad) idea to stimulate interest or drama.
I grew up with a touring racing family. I've seen many a great drag race. You just don't see that now.

The way I see it:

Top Fuel = Unlimited - any fuel %, any RPM, computer assist whatever... balls-out!
Funny Car = Pretty much the above with a body that really looks like a car driven on the street.
Limits = do it with cubic inches or intake port size - easy to verify.

Let's see real racing again.

Oh yeah... Boycott? Who cares?  Oh yeah... the money guys.

Dan Murphy
Acton, California

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...

Is that cover photo Doug Herbert in Pomona when he blew it up on the starting line? It sounded way too cold to be hammering it that way.

Richard Burbick
Sebring, Florida

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