Just wondering. . .Were the multi auctions in recent months for Darrell Russell's widow Julie a means for her to fund a 7.5 Million $$$ lawsuit against Goodyear?

Was the firing of Wayne Dupuy not really a firing, but a Rob Flynn firing and Wayne Dupuy reassignment?

Was the Lee Beard "vacation" a permanent one?

Was the Bullet Motorsports purchase really a business deal between Don Schumacher Racing and "Mr.Torco" Evan Knoll?

Will Bruton Smith start his own sanctioning body and call it the AHRA?

Did someone give Mike Janis a bad load of methanol...on purpose?

Does anyone watch Bob Frey and the alky funnies at 3 in the morning.....or even TiVo it?

Will most 3-day national events become a thing of the past?

Will I eventually be forced to watch FWD pro cars at national events?

Should all women racers wear "appliance white"? ....(not sure what the IRL guy meant).

Just wondering.

Jack Issi


Jeff, I love your columns on DRO, and your latest one is right on. NHRA should significantly increase the purses for 1st and 2nd round losers in the fuel classes. That is, unless they want to start looking at 14 cars showing up for 16 slots. For God's sake NHRA, throw the budget nitro racers a bone!

Thanks for saying what needed to be said. Take care,

David Burlington
South Carolina


Great article. Thank you.

Stephen Holloway
Cocoa Beach, Florida


Jeff, you are dead on about the $1 Million. I hope the powers that be give some real thought as to how to divide the cash. The teams that do most of the winning are financed well enough that the purses are bonuses, and I believe that most pro motorsports are the same in that regard. Having said that, if I had the job of spending the Mil, I would probably use some to fatten up the Indy purses a bit, and from there I would increase the first round and non-qualifier payouts.

Unfortunately, with 3 and sometimes 4 pro classes at 23 events, a million will get diluted quite easily. The number needs to be more like 3-5 Million, but any raise at all, especially $1 Million, is a step in the right direction.

Nunzio Valerie, Jr.
Webster, NY


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