Volume IX, Issue 9, Page 148


Why no "NHRA quotes from the Toyo Tires Nationals"?

John Krupiak
Reading, Pennsylvania


Do the survey and win free stuff. So the stuff isn't free. It's under the pain of the doing the survey. Yes Burk, I did the survey anyway.

Surveying the surveys?

John Geltink
Wellington, Australia


Will, thanks for the interesting article on blowovers in drag racing. I hope you find a solution to this already deadly problem.

I am an airline pilot and I was curious if the idea of using a "flight spoiler" (airline speak) has been proposed? Basically it's a spoiler that pops up and destroys the developing lift on the top side of the dragster so as to force it to settle down again. The nice part about it is that you can continue the run. It is designed for high speed applications and is used on the tops of airliner wings.  It helps us to destroy lift on the top of the wing such as immediately after a landing to give maximum braking. Look at the attachment I sent.  Observe the top of the main wing? That is a spoiler. This A320 just landed, reversers out, and needs to plant itself firmly to the ground and spoilers are extremely beneficial.

You might even have a air under the bottom of the dragster "spill" in to allow the building pressure underneath to escape as well. Both a bottom spill door and upper spoiler would have some effect, although it would need testing to determine feasibility.

I am thinking that a good sheet-metal guy and a day or two is all you need for the fabrication of them. Of course, you would need to figure a way to deploy...either manually or using a mechanism that measures pitch-up attitude.

Just my $.02

Thanks for the article and good luck.

Captain Mike Hamner


Hey Guys, I keep hearing a rumor about the NHRA coming back to New England Dragway to replace the IHRA which has been there I think since 1990. I hope it’s true!!!! This part of the East Coast can use this good news! Over the years the track has made lots of improvements and ESPN does cover the IHRA Amalie Oil Nationals every year...


David Salvo
Fall River, Massachusetts


Nice empty seats on Monday at Indy, if you build it, they will come, if you force them to buy a reserved seat by crunching general admission down to zip, they'll go home early.

Jon T Hoffman
Woodstock, Illinois


I notice NHRA is adding to Gainesville, but like all their work, it is not to the racing surface, or timing systems, or PA systems, or rest rooms and concession stands, but to towers, bleachers, and more private boxes. Money is their only goal it seems.

And what of the new NHRA Pro owners, did they pay for this, is the buying price going up to offset this expenditure?

I am bummed out, and IHRA is not the total equal in the least, maybe more good people would help them!

Richard Burbick
Sebring, Florida


Just finished reading the interview with Tom Hammonds, and wanted to say that just reading this interview has given me respect for him not only as a racer but as a human being. Even though he was baited to bring in comments that had to do with race and color in a number of areas from sponsorship, to people working on race teams, he refused to make race or color an issue.

For a Pro stock team, owned and operated by a person, who if you have not been a basketball fan for a number of years, you might not even know who he is, to not have a major sponsor, is not so hard to believe. Especially when you can ask the same question of other people in this sport like Rod Fuller (at least until this weeks announcement) or Jim Head, or Phil Burkart or Jim Yates, or Erica Enders, and many more.

Maybe prime sponsorship for the sport that we love is already saturated by those who really want to be involved. Maybe it is going to be a deal where a car and transporter and firesuit is going to be covered by hundreds of smaller decals. Is this much different than any magazine, online or in print, where the story on each and every page is surrounded by different ads. I do not have the answer to this dilemma (if I did I could be rich) but I hope all these people and those up and coming will find a way to realize their dreams, and give us more people to cheer on, on race day.

From a huge drag racing fan limited to viewing drag racing through the internet.

Charles Lamb
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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