Volume IX, Issue 6, Page 121


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Why should we let a replacement chassis in drag racing? After eliminations start there should be no chassis changes. Drag racing keeps getting compared to NASCAR. In NASCAR if you even crash in qualifying you have to qualify a new car for Sunday if you change cars.

As far as safety, Force and company did have the option of packing up and going home after Hight’s fire if they felt the car was not safe. Eddie Hill at the Winternationas back in the late 80's crashed a car in qualifying and had to qualify a new car before eliminations. Eddie did end up qualifying, but hurt the motor. The first round of eliminations Eddie staged the car and watched the tree fall and sat on the line then idled down the track.

Rules are rules and if anyone cannot play by them then just stay at home.

Gene Youngberg
Ephrata, PA


As long as it’s a bare chassis in the trailer and not a complete or close to complete car or the big money teams will have 4 cars in the trailer for race day

Randy Hubbard


Years ago at an F1 race the front row crashed together at the start, teams were allowed to go back to the garages and prep the backup and return for a complete restart in their original starting positions. Ferrari won again from the poll position. That is not racing, that’s a show. When you change engines at NASCAR you start in the back.

I would say that if you had to change a chassis during eliminations, then it’s going to cost you 15 points.

Bruce Dyda


Jeff, I'm sure you got a lot of mail about this. I kind of agree with you about changing the chassis, but how do you prevent a team from switching whole cars for each round? (i.e. a complete new car for each round.) I know it's extreme, but it might be easier/quicker than doing all of the maintenance between rounds.

Somehow you'd have to verify they "rebuilt" the whole car between rounds. Start with a bare chassis…a complete chassis minus engine…something to prevent them rolling out a complete “new” car, for any “perceived” need to change “cars”. Good idea, but needs to be severely restricted/controlled/limited.

Not sure I understand your last NASCAR comment. NASCAR doesn't allow switching cars after the race "starts", I believe. If they break them, they go into the garage and “fix” them.

As to the Force deal, I’m kind of surprised NHRA wasn’t verifying the car was “safe” before the next round. They go through pre-race inspection, but don’t verify after a hard crash the car is still safe?

Bob Wold
Oxford, FL

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