Volume IX, Issue 5, Page 67


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Well, the sale of most of the assets of NHRA has bumped everything else off the email here, so we’ll devote this batch of letters to the subject. Facts are still shaking out and we’re still trying to make sense of what has transpired, but here is what you have had to say so far.


To the NHRA and HD Partners Acquisition Corporation:

After this wonderful announcement I will never attend another so called NHRA drag race again.

Corporate America and the NHRA suits have once again wrecked another fun sport. I will find a better way to spend my entertainment dollars.

IHRA here I come.

Bruce Lewis


WOW! Did you see this one coming?

There are a whole bunch of Just Wonderings relating to this proposed transaction; here are a few of mine:

1) What are the potential un-anticipated adverse consequences of this proposed deal?

2) How much of the $100 million cash will each NHRA executive get?

3) How will the HD Partners Group recoup it’s cash investment?

4) Will ticket prices go up and will fans be willing to pay the increase if the “show” is still the same?

5) What if HD Partners tries to sell off the Pro Racing in the future and nobody buys it because it is not economically feasible?

6) What if they try to have an all pro national event (no sportsman vehicles)?

7) Will ticket proceeds be split between the old NHRA and the new Pro company?


8) Will the pro teams get more cash prize money from the new company for winning an event than they do now?

9) What if HD Partners plans on buying up all the Pro drag racing from other sanctioning bodies (corner the market)?

10) Could Pro Stock Trucks return to the drag racing scene ?

James Williams
Memphis, TN

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