Volume IX, Issue 2, Page 63


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Flag starters, (Burk) you’ve got to be kidding. Why don’t we go back to the starting clocks, you know the round dials with a second hand that spun around until it came to 12 o’clock and then GO without turning on the red. Just a thought from one geezer to another.

I sat down this Saturday night to watch what I thought was going to be the Winternationals but I must have my channels switched because it sounded like the John Force show. What a joke. I don’t think I can watch any more NHRA for the rest of the year, I’m just wondering, is this for real?

Bruce Pasley
Mt Vernon, IL


After watching the qualifying for Pomona, if I was Hillary Will or Melanie Troxel or Erica Enders, I would be a little annoyed by all the hype and media for a particular other woman racer.
You didn't see that type of hype and media for any of those women, but now, the great and almighty "Force" daughter gets to drive for her dad and you would think she is the first woman to drive a race car.
Don't get me wrong, Ashley coming into Funny Car is a good thing and I hope she does well, but why concentrate only on her, there are other women who drive pro race cars too!!

Tom Gondal
Pottstown, PA


Re: The rest of the story. I was thinking the same about the weekend. Way too much about John and Ashley Force. There are more teams out there. Or has NHRA changed the name to John Force Racing? NHRA and ESPN talk about other teams and not just John Force.

Woodstock, Ontario, Canada


The FORCE deal on NHRA was TOO MUCH HYPE!!!
I like the idea of putting a mic on the guy. He is alwaysgood for a few laughs -- but the interview: If I am going to go down, blah, blah, blah. Hey John, we ALL know Daddy's little girl is in a F/C. Now let’s see if she has what it takes.

Geez with that team even a bull rider or say his son in law could do well :]

The guy has been great for our sport, let’s not turn it into a media circus trying to be something we are not -- let’s be who we are!

L.P. Morgan

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