Volume IX, Issue 12, Page 46


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Letters which do not include a full name will not be considered for publication.

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Just Wondering... Why NHRA doesn't market the up and coming "Countdown Championship Year in Review" video as a cure for insomnia?

In response to Evan Knoll's threat to boycott, I beg him to do so. His head somehow got bigger than his bankroll. If he boycotts, I will personally attend four races in 2008 instead of my customary two... that will be a promise I make to the NHRA.

My other promise is to push a boycott of LendAmerica and all of Knoll’s companies’ products. You know, Castrol and Quaker State are two damn good motor oils.

In closing... doesn't all of this sound a little silly?

Wesley Young
Kettering, Ohio


How much money does Evan Knoll have? This dude sponsors what, 15 cars? Race tracks, events, websites, why doesn’t he put ALL his efforts into a 2-car team and get serious? That team could have the best of everything... maybe a 2-car female funny car team? Go out and kick some butt! Can you see the headlines?

Happy holidays.

Rick Rzepka
Detroit, Michigan


Jerry Jones comes to drag racing! Cut the head off this snake (the idea of a boycott) before it’s too late. At a time when teams are falling by the wayside in large numbers due to the lack of sponsorship, a boycott? Hopefully this is an early stupid-ass April fools joke. But then again, if they lose their money then Evan could buy them all a reduced price and OWN THEM ALL. hahahahah!

Bill Mitchell
Dallas, Texas


Re: a Winternationals boycott - as usual Jeff, you're right on the money - both figuratively and literally.

Ken Chermer
Ostrander, Ohio


Strike my butt! This should have been expected. If management hadn't figured this move out well in advance, shame on them. When you let one egomaniacal millionaire loose to ply his trade and bolster his fairy dust image, this was bound to happen. Maybe the sanctioning bodies will think twice about who they take money from in the future.

Can you imagine what would happen if Evan ever got a hair up his butt over some IHRA shenanigans? He could close the business overnight. He controls everything but the stock. Hey, I can help him out on that.

Kevin J. Ruic
Cleveland, Ohio

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