Volume IX, Issue 10, Page 107


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Great column!! As usual! I just have 2 comments:

1. NHRA drag racing has become so corporateocentric that new drivers are selected based on the money they bring to the table, not their driving abilities. This serves to shut out a lot of the better drivers. If 1/8-mile tracks were put into the chase, the better drivers would automatically surface, and some of the politics might disappear.  You don't make driving errors on the 1/8 mile and still win!  

2. When is Dick Harrell going to be put in Garlits' Hall? He was a showman!

John Martin
Nixa, Missouri


I believe NHRA should have a few short track races like NASCAR does. Columbus would be a good place to start.

Don Reed
Big Spring, Texas


Sir Burk: How about an interview with Connie K who says he does not want to take his three dragsters and one funny car to Las Vegas and Pomona because of poor TV coverage that his cars get because they are NOT in the *$%%@ countdown? 

And, will someone tell HD Partners or whomever to get rid of this stupid "survivor" show countdown thing. How has it made things better?  Melanie Troxel should be in it and she it not; Rod Fuller, who was probably on track to win the championship and help his sponsorship efforts, is likely not a player anymore; Tony Pedregon has been sort of on and off all year and he could very likely win it if he gets lucky in the last two events, like anyone else other than Dave Connolly will or can.  I

n many ways, this reminds me of how if you won the Supernationals you were world champ in the sportsman classes. If we didn't have a system that worked well, the Countdown might not have been a bad idea but the resetting of the points at thee milestones hurts more people that it helps ultimately. It favors the lucky who are peaking during a key month.

Peter Kumble


Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees... Your suggestion to end the Championship season at Indy makes so much sense it will never be adopted!

Jim Deorio
Claymont, Delaware

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