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Again in round two the Prescott, AZ-based Mike Adams put away Bob Godfrey in the “battle of the Corvettes” with a stunning .402 light against Godfrey’s .578 launch. Godfrey put his ‘63 Vette through the traps quicker at 6.806 at 201.22, but lost on the start to a 6.911 at 217.84 by Adams.

It was Jeff Utterback’s chance to drop the “gun slinger” in his tracks in the finals with a 6.607 at 213.16 to Mike Adams 6.672 at 217.35, but a .479 for Adams and a .578 in Utterback’s lane made the difference in the lights.

With a full eight car show and the class still growing, the Nitro Funny Cars are becoming a real crowd pleaser.

When it comes to A Fuel, Bill Wane had his hands full with the competition but can you believe the performance of the number one qualifier? Wane put the blown rail on top with a 6.527 at 214.93 and started to chew up the competitors like the logo on his air scope said, “I let the dogs out” and round after round it showed! Both Ron Attebury and Steve Dickerman fell to the “mad dog”. Starting in round
one, Wane’s .507 reaction 6.470 at 216.69 ousted Dickerman’s 6.833 at 208.17 with a .510 light. Ron Attebury dealt with Ken Moitoza’s 6.738 at 206.70 with a 6.694 at 207.66 in round two. Ron Attebury met up with Bill Wane in round three, and Attebury lost. Darby Neagle sat on the number two qualifier position with a 6.606 at 208.71, but lost traction in the final against Bill Wane. Darby had made progress taking out Terry Caldwell in round two and Kin Bates in the third round. If Neagle can stay glued a win might just be around the corner.

AA/Gas was in the hands of Chris Abbey from the number one position during qualifying at 6.967 at 198.58 mph, both low e.t. and high speed for the two sessions on Friday night. This set up the ‘63 Corvette with top honors in session three with a 6.809 at 202.45 that stood all Saturday night as Abbey dropped Steve Wood in Round one. Heavy hitter Ed Moss went out in the second round with Abbey pulling a holeshot at the line .491 to a .688, but slower 7.012 at 197.31 to Moss’s 6.988 at 200.38. Abbey went all the way taking the win over John Peterson in the final.

The final round in Jr. Fuel was close from the start, identical reaction at the line .419. But a 7.076 at 186.41 by JD Zink took the win as Scott Parks went 7.099 at 191.02.

Jr. Fuel B belonged to Don Enriquez in the last call as he clocked 7.380 at 178.07 over Alan Hull’s 7.761 at 171.49.

Jim Data took the A/Gas win light over Don Kamello with a quick start at .433 to a .504 light, but Kamello broke out stopping the clocks too soon at 7.665, in the 7.70 index.

James Schwartz in his ‘71 Vega took the B Gas title with a 8.651 when the number one qualifier Ken Ratzloff (8.706 at 161.90 for the 8.70 index) red lit handing the win to James.

Congratulations to Ken Black with a D Gas win, Don Taros - Nostalgia Eliminator 1 (NE), Dan Schokosch out of San Marcos California (NE 2) winner in his ‘89 Tuttle dragster as well as Steve Garnett with his NE 3 win.

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