Drag boats at Lake Marble Falls, Texas

25th Annual Lakefest

Gary Payne (near lane) and Greg Cawyer in the Pro Eliminator final.

After two days of qualifying it was time for the racers and crews to put it all on the line Sunday, Aug. 14, in the quest for the Lakefest win, series points and, of course, the payday that comes with the win.

The weekend ran the gamut of weather conditions and then emotions on Sunday. Friday is was scorching hot, Saturday was cloudy, not as hot, but humid (air you could wear). Then Sunday, after the course was resurfaced overnight (code for rained on it), it was cooler, a bit muggy but windy, causing several delays in racing for rough water.

In the race for $1,000 Magnum Custom Trailers reaction time bounty, Mickey Snider in his Pro Modified held the honors Friday and Saturday with a .0012 reaction time. Sunday saw Marcus Kinsey pick up the cash with a .00001, that's um, 1/10,000th from perfect. In talking to Kinsey during a break he related that it was just nothing but luck. He adjusted his leave light because of the holding rope and the boat getting blown closer to the timing beams. Heck of an on-the-fly adjustment.


Top Fuel Hydro

Bryan Sanders “Nitrochondriac” 3.385 @ 262.194

Scotty Lumbert “Spirit of Texas” 3.536 @ 253.620

Daryl Ehrlich “Problem Child” 3.736 @ 234.549

Lee Warren “Whiskey River” 3.969 @ 201.018

Scott Compton “Liquid VooDoo” DNT

Top Alcohol Hydro

Mike DeClark ”Little White Lie” 4.483 @ 198.553

Travis Tuttle “Short Fuse” 4.610 @ 194.569

Rick Allen “Total Kaos” 4.626 @ 193.720

Steve Streeter “Untouchable” 4.634 @ 178.385

Dale Riggs “Bad Moon Rising” 4.846 @ 189.494

TAF racer Tony Scarlata in “Shazam.”