Fox Hunt at Boise, Idaho

On the hunt

The Great American Fox Hunt is not something that you are going to watch on the Outdoors Channel, however it is something that was worth taking in this past weekend (June 17-19) at Firebird Raceway, outside of Eagle, Idaho.

This was the original idea of Bill Doner, who wanted to create an event where guys back in the seventies would bring their girlfriends to the drags and have a good time. Doner came up with the concept of letting all the ladies in for free on a specific evening at Orange County and called it “The Foxhunt.” It was a success, and for thirty-nine years the New family at Firebird Raceway have taken that idea and expanded on it.

The content of the show has changed through the years, but the result is still the same: A great crowd with lots of nice looking ladies all enjoying the show.

The show this year was comprised of the North West BB Funny Car group, very much a nostalgia based group of cars with first rate appearing cars and performances. Eight cars made the trip to Firebird to put on a wonderful program.

The premise of the show is a Chicago-style shootout, where all cars make two runs. The two quickest cars (in this case the two cars closest to a 6.75 second index) then run off in the finals.