Richard Willett (left) improved from a 4.91 at 120.61 to a 4.74 at 154.43 and Darren Inman duplicated his 4.84 ET with a faster 148.96 speed in the second run.

Chris Domino showed improvement with a 4.33 at 167.47 to back his 4.39 from the first run. E.J. Hickel made the mad dash from Sweeney, Texas, to run his first TAO event of the season and in the process left one of the doors from his potent Willys at the shop. He missed the first session but made up for it and the record trip of a friend with the door to the track when he laid down a very nice 4.28 at 144.23 that nailed down the second spot.

Chris Smith turned up the wick on this pass and made a statement run carding a 4.11 at172.02 for the pole position.


A leaking rear main seal put Eric Stubbs out of the competition.

Chris Domino (shown) laid down a fine 4.29 at 168.04 to take out Darren Inman’s 5.11 at 118.92 in the ‘96 blown Chevy Berretta.