Fast by Gast Top Gas had 25 bikes running on the 8.20 index.  Mike Lingo on his Suzuki, defeated Chad Otts with a fine 8.217 to the losing 8.244.

World Wide Bearing Crazy 8s (8.88 index) had 34 bikes attempting to qualify.  In the final, Brandon Pellichinno on a Yamaha defeated David Ingram’s Kawasaki with an 8.970 when Ingram had problems and slowed to a 17.05.

MTC Engineering Super Comp (8.90 index) had 36 bikes.  In an all Kawasaki final, Ken Chapman defeated a fouling Gary Russell.

In Tiger Racing Street Fighter (9.50 index), Charlie Tyre took a holeshot victory over James Hendricks.

In Sunday action, Frank Linders defeated Ken Chapman for MPS Pro ET in the 41 bike field, and John Markham defeated Jason Rearick in a double breakout final for the Brock’s Performance Street ET class.