John Lassiter

John Lassiter paced the Renegades with a super 4.16 while the next 4 cars were in the 20’s with Brian Schrader, Jay Cox, Jamie Chappell, and Earl Farmer all right there. Ten cars took a time run in this group with the bump at 4.34.

Eliminations were highlighted with visitors from nearby zMax Dragway, as the NHRA was in town with funny car shoe, Jack Beckman, and winning Top Fuel crew chief, Phil Shuler, on hand.

Chris Rini used a 4.41 to defeat Travis Harvey’s 4.60. Todd Howard ran a 3.90 to defeat Jason Harris’s off pace 7.73. Ed Hoover ran 3.95 to put down Danny Perry’s 4.03 and Todd Tutterow went 3.86 to defeat Andy Beal’s 3.91 redlight.