ADRL Rookie Pro Stock driver John DeFlorian in a car he built himself at Jerry Haas Race Cars (he works there) qualified number one at Bristol, his first professional Low Qualifier honor.

In the ultra-competitive Extreme Pro Stock class at Bristol 20 teams were on hand vying for the 16 spots available. When the clutch dust and tire smoke cleared Cary Goforth beat Richie Stevens Jr. in the finals for his record-setting seventh national event win.  

“This (winning) never gets old,” Goforth said. “Today and (Friday), I didn’t have the best car. The motor’s tired, but that made this a satisfying win. The guys worked very hard to get a little extra and this is very rewarding.”

In the NHRA legal Pro Mod class Mike Castellana is another driver who has managed to remain unbeaten for the year in the Aeromotive Fuel Systems-backed class.

The Al-Anabi Racing driver in his RJ Race Cars 2012 Camaro took out his old nemesis, Rickie Smith, in the Pro Mod finals with a 3.885/193.43 effort. Smith had a .002 holeshot but his 3.941/191.00 effort just wasn’t enough.
“This season has been great for us. I just have to thank KH Al-Thani for helping us out here and supporting us by providing people like (crew chief) Shannon Jenkins to help us. They have given me a great race car,” Castellana said.