Certainly the funny cars were top of the tree when it came to Top Alky qualifying with the top three spots going to the fibreglass cars. Steve Ham qualified his Pontiac Firebird second in the bracket thanks to a straight as a string 5.509 run on the Saturday. This saw him take on  seventh qualifier, Wayne Newby in his Chev Monte Carlo in first round action and like eventual winner, Steve Reed, Ham went to sleep on the line. Newby had long gone when Ham reacted .235 seconds after the green. Like Reed, he was fortunate as Newby’s car started to falter from half track on and in the end a 5.846 was all that was needed to outrun a second best 7.355. That is about where Ham’s luck ran out as before he was staging against semi-final round opponent, Reed his car was shut down with a fuel leak leaving his opponent to take a solo into the final.

This semi final was a wheel standing joust between Jon Sting’s dragster and Wayne Price’s Chev funny car. As can be seen the race is already over as Price has left a red cherry on the tree. If you look closely you can also see that Sting’s digger is cupping its right hand rear slick and in the next fifty feet the car smoked this tyre and drove it towards the wall. This forced Sting to shut down to a 10.35 second pass but as his opponent had already red lighted he readily accepted his ticket into the money round.

The Pro Stock final saw Jason Grima (far lane) in his Ford Mustang face Wayne Daley’s Dodge Avenger. Daley had taken out some big names to get there including the Tremayne brothers and John Barbagello while Grima had dispatched reigning Australia champion, Michael Ali and Shane Tucker along the way. Despite Grima having a one tenth performance advantage over Daley he red lighted his chances away giving his opponent the instant win, thus a 7.020 was taken out by a slower 7.129 from the Mopar. (please note that ANDRA Pro Stock uses a 400 cube engine similar to NHRA’s C/Altered specs).